Tool Basics for Getting Started in Woodworking  Video Download

Tool Basics for Getting Started in Woodworking Video Download

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Every Woodworker Starts with The Basics

It's a mistake to assume that someone already knows how to do something — and that includes woodworking basics. This full-length video download introduces you to the basic tools every woodworker will start with. Not coincidentally, these are the same tools used in the Popular Woodworking Magazine “I Can Do That!” series. Thie series features projects that you can complete in less than two days of shop time, whatever your skill level, using common materials from your local home center. Host Megan Fitzpatrick, executive editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, helps you choose the right tools for your shop and budget. Then she walks you through the set up and use of all types of tools, including measuring tools, awls, files, routers, block planes, in this insightful and entertaining video.

Learn the tools and techniques for: marking and measuring; drilling; finishing; fastening; saws and shaping.

Last but certainly not least, this DVD includes three FREE projects – Victorian side table, Shaker step stool and a tool tote.