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For me, nothing says summer like a porch swing. As a kid I would spend hours reading on my parents front porch swing, with my over-sized Labrador sitting next to me. I would hold the swing still so he could jump into it and then I would sit next to him. He was definitely spoiled, and it was probably too much weight for the swing, but it never let us down.

Of course, I never worried what joints were used to build the swing, or if the curves of the arms were cut by hand or with a band saw. I never worried about those things because I never needed to. Someone had put a lot of thought into building that swing, and it showed.

Just in time for warm weather, our March eMag covers outdoor projects. It starts out with a porch swing build by David Thiel and Steve Shanesy.

After that, the eMag moves on to outdoor planters, trellises and my personal favorite, a boomerang. You heard me right, a boomerang. Trevor Smith gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build your own boomerang. Maybe you should keep wearing your eye protection the first time you try it out, though.

The eMag ends with a couple of projects from the “I Can Do That” vaults. Chad Stanton, the host of “I Can Do That,” is fantastic at creating projects that anyone can build from materials found at big box stores.

So, whether you want to build your own porch swing or you want to throw a boomerang, our new eMag has something for you. You can pick it up now

Next time I go to my hometown, I will probably look over that old porch swing and see how it was built. Now I’m curious.

— Jon Russelburg

outdoor-projectsCheck out the “Outdoor Projects” eMag

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